Day Trips from Rome

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So you’re heading to Rome? If you’re looking for where else you can visit within a day from Rome, here is a list of some great Day Trips from Rome.

colosseum italy
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Whether you book a day trip with an established company, or you decide to hire a car and road trip with a friend, there are numerous options available for amazing days out when you’re based in Rome. Check out our suggestions.

Pompei Ruins & Mount Vesuvius Day Trip

In this 13 hour day trip from Rome, you can enjoy a journey to the ruins of Pompei and Mount Vesuvius.

You get to hike up Mount Vesuvius, and experience the historic city in person!

The Isle of Capri

Another 13 hour journey to the delightfully blissful Capri.

You can enjoy deep, blue oceans and the gorgeous island, as well as a boat trip to reach the island to begin with!


Try out this amazing trip to Venice via high speed train from Rome.

Imagine being able to visit 2 iconic, Italian cities in one holiday?! The floating city is one of the most unique places I’ve ever experienced, as far as having zero roads once you’re on the island.

Enjoy a day slowly meandering through the many alleys. Get lost and find yourself.

Florence & Pisa

This 12 hour adventure to the stunningly iconic city of Florence, and also to the small village of Pisa will tick off 2 very high on the Italian bucket list to-do’s.

Florence is without a doubt the epitome of Italian city. Its stunning architecture speaks volumes, and I personally feel it’s even BETTER than Rome (oooooooo ahhhhh).

And then add on a visit to the famous leaning tower. What more of a quintessentially Italian adventure could you ask for?!

Tuscan Countryside Sightseeing Tour

Adventure for a richly spent 12 hours throughout the Italian countryside on this sightseeing tour of Tuscany.

Of course there are thousands more day trips you can take from Rome. It’s a great base as it’s pretty central within Italy. You can adventure near or far. Or could even hire a car and drive to some more remote and unique spots.

Wherever you choose there are some day trips from Rome for everyone.

If you’re travelling throughout Italy, make sure to check out some of the Best Beaches in Sicily.
If you need apps to help you plan your journey, check out our recommendations.

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