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We all dream of glorious adventures far far away, and often we want it as big and beautiful as we can get. But often our finances don’t stretch to the size of our vision, do they? Perhaps our tips on saving for a holiday can help a little.

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It’s no secret that the costs of planning either a small trip or your dream vacation can be phenomenal. Often it can feel overwhelming to even consider saving for a holiday you’re desperate to embark on.

Well it may be slow going, but I’m hoping some of our tips will help you with saving for a holiday! Whether it’s a big or small one!

Don’t book too far out of the realms of reality!

I know it may sound like a little bit of a party pooper bit of advice. But keeping within the limits of what you can realistically save for will set the foundations of you achieving your holiday!

It’s a really great feeling to book something (and achieve paying for it) that’s a little bit of a stretch. But what we don’t want to do is make it completely unachievable, or end up in debt to achieve our travel dreams!

Choose an account/location to keep those savings…

And if you’re unable to take them back out without it being a battle, then even better!

It’s so tempting with instant, internet banking these days to take our money back out of savings as soon as we put it in. But by putting out savings into a specific location that we can name ‘holiday savings’ or that we can put some sort of lock on to preventing us withdrawing it back out too easily, it mentally tells us that when we are moving our money over, it’s for that special trip.

Piggy banks that need smashing to open are a GREAT way to save for a holiday, because it’s a big deterrent that you can’t get it back out!

Every little helps…

Sorry to quote that supermarket giant, but it really is the truth. Popping away every tiny penny and pound will add up to a lot over time. This could be through cashback apps, matched betting, blogging or selling your used belongings.

Cutting down on everyday spending…

Look at your outgoings. What are you spending on, and is it all strictly necessity? Is there anywhere you’re being frivolous, where you could trade that spend to put towards your dream trip?

Checking our regular outgoings for everyday life is a big one too. Things such as utilities could be costing us more than it needs to, and all of those bills and savings could add up to a lot for our dream holiday.

Other things like take-aways, alcohol, streaming services etc… Can you cut any of that down?

Rewards Systems

Many companies offer rewards for booking with them. From offering bigger discounts to regular bookers, to airlines offering frequent flyer miles. There are rewards from so many different places that could help to fund your trip.

These even include your bank and credit card companies, so make sure to investigate.

Research, Research, Research.

This may go without saying, but making sure you’re getting the best deal will save you the biggest amount of money of all. Instead of package booking, perhaps investigate each part of your journey as a separate booking.

Hopefully you can gradually save for your journey. Booking in advance and paying in installments can help, but it can sometimes add a lot of pressure. I truly advise that you never put yourself into any form of debt in order to travel. You’ll enjoy your journey far more without that added worry.

Don’t feel embarrassed putting pennies into an account. They WILL gradually add up to pounds. Nothing is too small.

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