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Whether you’re looking for ways to book accommodation or how to find the nearest, public toilet, it can be handy to have a list of the best travel apps! Here are our must-haves!

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For accommodation, we absolutely LOVE

The more you book, the better deals you get. And I also think they seem to have some ridiculously affordable accommodation in locations that would otherwise cost a fortune! We got an epically cheap stay in Rome once, right next to the Vatican.


Another win for both unique and affordable accommodation is AirBnB.

AirBnB can be the most amazing resource for families with more than 2 children, as they often have larger accommodation options, and full homes.


For ridiculously cheap flights around Europe, EasyJet is the one!

I’m talking, less than a road trip’s worth of petrol cost. SO cheap sometimes! You definitely have to dig to find the deals at times, but if you have a look around when the sale is on, you can grab an absolute bargain!

Sky Scanner

Another in the world of cheap flight hunting, but this time world wide. Sky Scanner doesn’t just offer cheap flights, it will also show you the alternative dates that could save you even more!

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is a great resource for information about every part of your trip.

From reviews from people who have used services, done days out, tried hotels etc, there’s honest feedback and recommendations for things to do and places to go. Also services to trust!

Google Maps

A simple but genius app! It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, google maps has your back! If you need to check days out, or distances to places. If you need to see how close a potential accommodation in to the airport. Whatever you need, google maps has it!


Here is a GENIUS app. Flush – Toilet Finder and Map.

If you have kids, you’ll definitely appreciate this app while you’re travelling the world! It will show you the closes, public toilets wherever in the world you are! GENIUS!!

Playground Buddy

Also helpful if you’re travelling with little ones, Playground Buddy is a fantastic app for finding a playground wherever in the world you are!

This can be so, SO handy after your kids have been travelling long days and need to let loose a little.


A handy app for finding places to eat whilst you’re travelling. Yelp allows you to search by location and also type of cuisine.

Google Translate

Another of the genius, Google ideas… Google translate can help you if you’re a little stuck whilst in a foreign country where you don’t completely understand the language.

There’s a small selection of the apps available to help you plan and navigate your travel more easily. Don’t forget to utilise entertainment streaming service apps like Netflix to keep you occupied on long journeys.

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