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When traveling as a couple, it would be great to have endless money to spend. Imagine spending 2 days in Venice in absolutely luxury? But if you want to travel on a budget, it’s smart to utilise a set of options and strategies that can really stretch how far your money will go.

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Try making the most of your travel on a budget by applying these simple options and strategies:

Choose a few travel destinations you both like.

Look into the costs of each destination and try to determine which one offers the overall least expensive holiday package. Including the cost of things like food and drink once there, as this can be a killer!

Once you agree on some main destinations, investigate them thoroughly on the internet. Make sure to look for package deals and make some comparisons. Which place offers the best pricing for what you want? And perhaps it would be cheaper to not book a package deal?! INVESTIGATE INVESTIGATE INVESTIGATE.

Travel during low-peak/off season!

Take into account that visiting a tourist hot spot when it’s not the tourist season will often save you a HUGE amount of money.

Most accommodations and tourist attractions cost a lot less when you go during the off-season. Depending on the location too, even travel to your destination is less expensive during off peak, when the demand is far less, and places are less busy. They’re far more likely to be needing to fill the rooms and spaces, so happier to drop costs. For example, in the winter, flight tickets around Europe are about half the cost of in Summer – by hundreds/thousands per ticket, depending on where you’re travelling from!

I recommended the EasyJet App in my favourite travel app post for this very reason. The European flights they offer for less than local train fares at times, are just amazing!

For a lot of the summer tourist locations, the date they switch to off-peak rates is in early September when the kids go back to school. Taking a trip with your partner the week after the kids go back to school will save you money and the weather is still likely to be glorious. Plus, you won’t have to fight the crowds.

Save before the trip

An important part of planning a trip is putting aside the money you’ll need in advance, before you go, to pay for the trip and any costs while you’re there. A way to boost those savings and make it as fun (as saving can be), is for you both to formulate a plan of how you’re going to save, and individually set yourself a plan of how much you could save. The make it fun!.Have a contest to see who can save more!

Cut out those expensive, take away coffees, take-aways, and other less-necessary spends that happen so easily and mindlessly, and you’ll have boosted your savings ready for you to travel on a budget when you go!

Book a hotel that offers free breakfast.

This is always a GREAT way to save a chunk on your holiday, and also let’s remember that nothing will start off a day of exploration on holiday like a full breakfast that’s already been paid in advance for. Many hotels offer continental breakfasts to seduce travelers into booking. And of course we all love the UK BNB (Bed and Breakfast) where you get a full English breakfast with your booking. While you’re at it, grab some of those included breakfast bits and bobs to take with you for the rest of the day, and make a big saving on snacks or lunch too!

Split dinners.

What?! Share food?!

By sharing meals it can allow you to take into consideration dining offers and your budget. If you both like the same foods anyway, you’ll be able to share a couple of dishes that you’re struggling between instead of paying out for perhaps double the amount in an attempt to ‘try all of the food’. You don’t always both need a full serving of everything to yourself, when you could share and pay half.

Being meal savvy can really save a lot if you’re wanting to experience the local cuisine of wherever you’re travelling to.

Take re-usable water bottles/cups.

It can be easy to forget your reusable containers when you head out on a holiday, but actually they’re certainly just as useful (if not more) abroad/on holiday as they are at home.

You wont get stung by the inflated costs of purchasing drinks in tourist locations, and it will also do you the bonus of keeping your as hydrated as you need, which I think often gets forgotten on holiday too.

Many countries have free water fountains dotted around for you refill or take a sip at!

As a couple, you hopefully have many wonderful adventures ahead of you together. Money-saving strategies such as visiting in off peak times, staying in accommodations that offer breakfast included, sharing dinners and treats, and filling your own water bottles will reduce your travel expenses significantly.

Put these budget-friendly tips to work when planning your next travel on a budget with your partner!

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