Lessons you Learn When you Travel the World

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Perhaps you started travelling for a little holiday. Perhaps you just booked the odd break, and you fell in love with it. However you got your foot into the world of travel, we all know that it’s like cupid’s bow. Once you’re struck, that’s it! So what is it that we get from this travel bug? Here are just a few of the lessons you learn when you travel the world, but really we know the lessons are endless.

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The Lessons you Learn when you Travel the World

Whether you’re heading to somewhere more tropical or you’re considering a UK holiday this summer, wherever we travel we learn important lessons. Here are just some of the lessons you learn when you travel.

Material objects aren’t as important as you’re made to believe.

When you travel to new places, it’s not easy to bring your material objects and lots of ‘stuff’ along with you. You quickly learn that actually, you need very little of the belongings you own.

It’s also very eye opening when you travel to places that have very little, and the community and the people are thriving and happy. They’re all about community and caring, rather than snazzy homes and belongings. This can really have an effect on how you feel about and see your own life.

Different cultures have different priorities.

As I touched on in the first section, different cultures and countries have vastly different priorities to your country. For example, I’m from the UK. Your standing financially, and where you live, what you own and what you drive will be the main thing that the country as a whole will judge your worth by. Success is saved for reference to finances and career, and less so about taking the time to care for your loved ones.

Other countries and cultures keep family, neighbours and community as number 1. In some places, if it doesn’t work for one person in the community, then it doesn’t work for all.

How you treat your loved ones and your community is far more important in some places than where you live or what you own. Other places worship and care for the Earth as their main priority.

Seeing others with a different outlook, and different ideals can really change how you see life and how you want your life to be.

There are a lot of people in the world that don’t have access to the basics of anything.

If you travel beyond the realms of the big resorts, you’ll very quickly learn that a lot of people in the world don’t have access to even the very basic of things. If you have a safe home. Running, clean water. Access to medical care. Access to food. The knowledge that your children are safe… Then you have privilege and you will learn this extremely quickly if you travel around the world.

It can really bring it home just how lucky you are to have been born where you were born, and have access to what we consider basic, human rights. Many, many people are not that lucky, and it is a big lesson.

Friends can be found anywhere.

You can pick up your new bestie in the strangest of places, and they can instantly feel like a soulmate. It doesn’t matter where you are, who they are, how old or young they are. When you are having these life changing experiences, the people you share them with, or you find on the way can really stick in your heart and soul. And perhaps last a lifetime. This is just one of the reasons why you shouldn’t be scared of travelling alone.

You have to learn to go with the flow a little more.

You may start out your travelling a little bit uptight. An obsessive organiser (I did/do). But you very quickly have to learn to go with the flow a little. Sometimes things pop up that are unexpected, and it really helps if you learn to take a deep breath and roll with the changes.

There may be delays, changes to bookings, you may get lost. You may miss flights. You may fall in love with a place or a person that means you want to stay somewhere longer and cancel other plans.

You learn you’ve been wasting a LOT of time.

There’s numerous ways you realise you’ve been wasting time when you start to travel more. First of all, because in a week where at home you’d probably not have done much beyond work, PJ’s and the sofa, you generally pack in 58 thousand activities, experiences, hikes and more! You really can fit a lot in when it’s something that sets your soul on fire.

Another way we learn we have been wasting time, is focusing on things that really don’t matter. Travelling can really make you find yourself and what really matters. It can really bring home how much of your time you’ve been wasting on things that don’t matter at all really.

Being able to travel is a privilege.

Yes! I touched on privilege above, and I’ll add this to the list of lessons. Having access to basic human necessities is a privilege, but so is the ability to travel itself.

A LOT of the World’s population haven’t got access to anything travel related, let alone being able to travel too! It is a huge privilege and one that should never be taken for granted.

We are all human and real.

I truly hope that everyone who travels understands this. No one human is better than another, or more worthy than another. It doesn’t matter where you live, what you have or what you believe… At the core of it we all just want our families, loved ones and ourselves to be safe and to survive.

It can be expensive to travel, but ‘it’s the only thing that you spend money on that makes you richer’. You will not only learn lessons about the world, but you’ll also learn so much about yourself, your life and what you want your life and outlook to be. It can change what you’ll allow, who you will surround yourself with and perhaps it will completely change everything you ever knew.

Quite simply, it’s life altering.

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