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If you’re considering travel abroad, but are concerned about the how-tos because you require oxygen, then read ahead for our tips on how to travel with oxygen.

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If you’re someone who requires extra oxygen, planning travel can feel completely overwhelming and worrying. Perhaps it’s so much of a worry that you completely avoid going for it? Hopefully if you read through some of advice on how to travel with oxygen, you’ll feel like you know a little more of what to do to plan ahead for your journey. That way you can get adventuring ASAP!

How to Travel with Oxygen

Check with your medical professionals.

Prior to booking anything, it’s crucial to check you’re fit to fly, and get a certificate that says so. Not only is this important for clarity and security for the airlines and accommodations you’ll be using, but most importantly you want to know you’re going to be safe when you head out on your adventure! It’s a win win to get checked out.

This is also extremely important in case they need to let you know about any adjustments to your care for your travel, and some airlines won’t provide oxygen in flight without a fit to fly certificate.

Order oxygen from the place you’re travelling in advance.

If your oxygen concentrator supplier is happy for you to travel with their supplies, make sure to take travel adaptors in case you need to plug in! Take back up batteries, chargers and extra bits and bobs that you may end up needing!

A lot of suppliers don’t love you taking their products out of the country. Obviously this means it’s extremely important to plan in advance enough to have a supply once you’re at your destination.Make sure to organise your oxygen supplier in the place you’re travelling to plenty in advance. Put this high up on your list in case they need time to organise this at their end.

Make contact with your airline of choice prior to travel.

Another really important thing to add to your list long before you leave, is making contact with your airline. You’ll need to let them know your requirements for in flight oxygen, and they may require you to have a certificate from your doctors to say you need the oxygen.

It’s wise to make sure everything is in place in advance, because altitude can have an affect on your need for extra oxygen. This is something you need to discuss with your doctor prior to flying too.

Some travel companies use different airlines than their own in package deals, so please please double check it’s the correct airline before you leave. You wouldn’t want to think you knew the airline’s policies on oxygen in flight, to get there and be met by an airline with a terrible policy and care!

Contact your accommodation prior to booking!

Before you go ahead and click ‘book’ on your dream accommodation, it’s worth messaging or calling to discuss your healthcare requirements, and to make them aware there will be oxygen supplies arriving, quite possibly before you do. It’s important they know, both so that they can okay it, but also so that they can make sure to allow the supplies to be ready for you when you arrive.

You don’t want to be dealing with a time period without oxygen if you need it.


It’s all well and good to read information on the internet, but if you’re ever in doubt with anything to do with travelling when you need extra oxygen, please get in touch with your medical professionals. It’s so important that they give you all of the information you need prior to booking or leaving the country. If you’re in any doubt about the airline… check check check. If you need to double and triple check oxygen supplies are okay with accommodations, transfers, day trip providers etc then don’t worry that you’re harassing them, it’s absolutely vital that your healthcare requirements are in place, and that you feel secure before you leave.

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