8 of The Best Beaches in South East Asia

brown on seashore near mountain

Are you looking to head over to the glorious, tropical islands in South East Asia? Whether it’s Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines or elsewhere, check out our list of 8 of the best beaches in South East Asia.

brown on seashore near mountain
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South East Asia is the perfect place to island/country hop on one holiday. It’s the kind of place where when you’ve paid out for your flight from home, you’re then able to travel around within area for months pretty easily, and for relatively cheap too!

And while you’re island hopping it’s a great excuse to check out the stunning beach locations this glorious part of the World has to offer, because they’re some of the most jaw droppingly beautiful ones around.

Check out our list of 10 of the best beaches in South East Asia.

8 of the Best Beaches in South East Asia

Long Beach, Koh Rong (Cambodia)

With a 4km stretch of stark white sandy beach, and gloriously warm, turquoise waters, you really can’t help but adore this Cambodian beach location.

Part of Koh Rong, which is famed for party people, this stretch of beach is a much quieter part of Koh Rong. So you can steal yourself away if you’re looking for a little peace.

Koh Thmei (Cambodia)

Koh Thmei is a far quieter and less visited part of Cambodia. It has very few residents, and has a much more remote island vibe to it than Koh Rong’s long beach.

You can revel in nature and explore Ream National Park, and appreciate this stunning beach location, that really will make you feel like you’re on your own tropical island.

Ha Long Bay (Vietnam)

The breathtaking Ha Long Bay in Vietnam is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it’s really not hard to see why.

With it’s glorious, bright waters and the hundreds of gigantic, towering, limestone islands covered with rainforests, it’s like nowhere you’ll have ever seen before!

Definitely a kind of beach location for when you want to mix things up and see something completely different.

Ho Coc (Vietnam)

Ho Coc is a small beach community located in Vietnam’s Bà Rịa–Vũng Tàu Province, in the Xuyên Mộc District. (Wiki)

It’s a much less tourist trafficked area, which means for a far more peaceful, beach experience.

You’ll find the yummiest seafood places around the area too!

Sandira Beach AKA Paradise Beach (Philipines)

Sandira Beach, Bantayan, is one of those secluded, island locations you only dream about… Well, until you plan your next journey to the Philipines anyway, right?!

When you glance down onto Paradise Beach for the first time, it is sure to take your breath away with it’s white sand and crystal clear waters.

Cloud Nine, Siargao (Philippines)

Cloud Nine is renowned for being a surfer’s paradise, but for the blissful beaches and ocean here on Siargao Island in the Philippines it really is worth visiting it even if you don’t surf!

Koka Beach (Indonesia)

Koka Beach is a bit of a challenge to get to, with a rocky trek on route. However, what you’re rewarded with in this secret cove, hidden away on the island of Flores is pure magic.

Like something out of a movie.

Tioman Island (Malaysia)

Tioman Island is a nature reserve, just off of the coast of Malaysia.

It’s covered in tropical rainforests, rich with nature, and surrounded by glorious beaches.

This should definitely be on your travel plans for the area!

Of course, one of the perks of pursuing adventures in South East Asia, is that you’re spoiled for choice of blissful, tropical beaches. From touristy, to secluded, to nature reserve… You really get a full and rounded, beach experience while over that part of the World.

Have you been to any of the South East Asian countries? Where were your favourite beach locations? Let us know!

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