Scotland | Places to visit in Skye

Skye is the largest island in the Inner Hebrides. It is also home to some of Scotland’s most spectacular scenery and wildlife. Here’s an overview of places to visit in Skye.

Skye, which is one of the most scenic places in the world, is off the northwest coast of Scotland. With its rugged mountains and pristine coastline, Skye has always been a popular tourist destination for outdoor enthusiasts. As it’s located north of mainland Scotland, Skye is especially cold and wet during winter. That’s why the island is a particularly popular place to visit in the Summer months. However, the scenery is stunning all year around.

Places to visit in Skye

Below are some places to visit in Skye that you should not miss:

1) The Quiraing

This is a dramatic ridge on the western side, with its sharp cliffs and steep slopes, offering spectacular views over Loch Coruisk to the Cuillin hills on Skye’s southeast side.

2) Glen Brittle

Glen Brittle is a deep valley with high cliffs on either side. It has an incredible waterfall spilling all year round.

3) The Black Cuillin

The Black Cuillin is known for its dramatic views and steep climbs. Tourists often visit this area for hiking and mountain biking. However, it is a tough climb, so make sure you’ve done your research before attempting to reach the summit and ensure that you’re monitoring the weather forecast too.

4) The Fairy Pools

At the foot of The Black Cuillin, you’ll find The Fairy Pools. The Fairy Pools is a collection of five pools that are fed by the Allt Coire Uaigneich, a tributary of the River Brittle.

The pools are the top place in the world to fall in love, according to romance publisher Mills & Boon. The area is popular with tourists, so the path towards the pools often gets busy, especially during the summer month.

The route to Fairy Pools starts from Glenbrittle House on the A855 road just south of Broadford.

5) The Fairy Glen.

According to legend, The Fairy Glen is a mythical place, where fairies gather at nigh. If you listen to believers, ghosts are often seen near The Fairy Glen, which was once home to an ancient stone circle.

6) A walking route

This island has a lot of walking routes, which make it easy for you to find a route that suits your skill level and needs. It also has plenty of waterfalls and coastal walks, because Skye is an island next to the sea.

7) Dunvegan Castle

Dunvegan Castle, which dates back to 1100 AD, was built on top of an ancient fort. It has two large rock structures on either side of the entrance, which are known as ‘the gates’ or ‘the twin towers’.

8) Talisker Distillery

Talisker is one of the few remaining distilleries to use the traditional malting process. Founded in 1825 by Hugh and Kenneth MacAskill, this distillery is on the shores of Loch Harport in Carbost, Scotland.

Visiting Skye

Skye is a great place to visit for all types of travellers. It is near the south coast of Scotland and has a lot of different attractions to offer.

The island has amazing views, interesting wildlife and untouched landscapes. If you’re visiting soon, then enjoy your trip and make the most of your time on this beautiful island.

Autumn Travel Destinations

orange trees

If you love nature in all its Autumn splendour, then you may want to consider booking a journey to somewhere renowned for those Autumnal bursts of colour. Here we’ve put together a list of some fantastic, Autumn travel destinations.

brown wooden house beside river
Photo by Julia Sakelli on

Amazing Autumn Travel Destinations

Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is a small town in Austria, known for its salt production. It’s lesser mentioned when it comes to potential travel destinations, but this small village packs a big and breathtaking punch.

A perfect and magical location to visit at any time of year, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is like a dream. And during Autumn it has that extra level of added wow in the form of a sprinkle of Autumnal colour.

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto in Japan is an absolutely stunning location to visit, regardless of the time of year. However, with that being said there are two VERY popular times of year to visit. Spring and, you guessed it, Autumn!

It’s not hard to see why, just a quick google search of ‘Kyoto in Autumn’ will fetch the most glorious, Autumnal displays of natural colour you’ve ever seen. Imagine actually travelling there during the season?!

With mountain forests, temples, shrines and everything in between, you are spoiled for the most intense and beautiful, Autumn scenes when you head to Kyoto!

Also worth a mention is Kyoto during Spring blossom season!

Ontario, Canada

Ontario is a province in central Canada, and it will spoil you for choices of incredible, Autumn locations.

With multiple parks, forests, lakes and more, and renowned for its natural diversity, you’re not going to struggle to hunt down a backdrop for your Autumn travel dreams!

Paris, France

Maybe not one of the first locations that come to mind when you think of travelling for Autumn. However, the gorgeous and always elegant Paris, in France is one of my all time favourite places I’ve visited during Autumn.

It’s so easy to ‘fall’ in love with France (pardon the pun!).

Of course, the natural spaces, such as Jardin du Luxembourg are outstandingly Autumnal, and that goes without saying. But I actually find that the simplicity of the Autumnal trees that line the city’s streets, and make the white buildings glow, along with the way the sunlight hits… It just all hits different in Paris in Autumn.

The light! If you know you know. And if you don’t know, then you absolutely need to.

Edinburgh, Scotland

This magical, Harry Potter-esque city in Scotland, is a perfect location to find your Autumn hit.

With the gothic stone buildings, set amongst the richly green and golden foliage, quaint little cafes and restaurants and book shops, what more could you need?

If Edinburgh doesn’t work for you, perhaps you could try another UK city, like London, or Birmingham.

Vermont, USA

Vermont is renowned for its mostly forested landscape, which should give you an idea of how this has made it onto the list of amazing places to travel to in Autumn.

Awash with Autumnal hues, cute barns, farms at harvest and that golden sunlight, it really is the epitome of Autumn.

This is the location you’ll catch in a lot of movies where Autumn in on full display. It’s an absolute treat!

Tuscany, Italy

The delectable, Italian countryside region of Tuscany is just as delicious during Autumn as it is those hazy days of Summer.

When all of the vineyards turn from rich and green, to warm and golde, you really see Autumn come to life before your eyes.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park is a forest reserve in Croatia. It’s well known for it’s glorious, turquoise waters and waterfalls, but it’s lesser discussed when it comes to Autumn locations.

When it comes to Autumn time at Plitvice, it’s a feast for the eyes. An Autumn spectacular. The richly coloured trees surround the lakes, and it’s completely splendid.

So there are just a few of the many, many locations that are perfect for your autumn travel needs! There’s nothing we love more than Autumn in all its glory. Just remember to check if you need an umbrella! We hope these will feed your Autumn love as much as they did ours.

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Scotland | Things to do in Dumfries and Galloway

If you’re heading up to bonny Scotland, to the less visited region of Dumfries and Galloway, you’re probably wondering about things to do in the area! Check out this fantastic guest post by blogger Melanie Varey of Best Things to do in Cambridge, full of things to do in Dumfries and Galloway.

Things to do in Dumfries and Galloway

We are a family who adore spending our holidays in Scotland. The peace, space, scenery
and tranquillity for us makes for the perfect break. One of our favourite (and less well known)
regions for a really peaceful holiday is Dumfries and Galloway. This area of Scotland has low
levels of population and traffic so really offers that all important sense of calm and a slower
pace of life.

Not only is Dumfries and Galloway a wonderful area of the country, it is really accessible
from England so is a perfect as a stop off destination for those taking the longer journey to
the Highlands.

It has everything you need- wonderful wildlife to spot, beautiful sandy
beaches and breathtaking scenery to wander, and plenty of great quality food and drink
producers- perfect for those who enjoy eating out and in by cooking with amazing produce.
Whether you are seeking a super remote, loch-side, or active experience, there are many
ideal places to stay. What are you waiting for?

hills & harbour gin

Here are our must-see recommendations for those visiting this part of Scotland.

Food & Drink

Castle Douglas is known as the foodies town in the region and worth visiting to browse and
stock up on some local favourites. We love the bread, cakes and pastries from The Earth’s
Crust Bakery, and the award winning pies from  Ballards Butchers . Local restaurant Mr
Pook’s Kitchen is well worth a visit as it showcases the delicious local Scottish produce. Gin
fans will enjoy a tour of one of the areas distilleries, f or example Crafty Distillery which offers
tours and lunches. You can of course stock up with their delicious Hills and harbour gin
which contains the natural botanicals of the region.

Art & Culture

Lovers of art and culture should head to the town of Kirkcudbright to take in one of its many
exhibitions and events. Be sure to visit the Harbour Gallery, Broughton House and the
Stewartry Museum, all of which are wonderful places to learn about the local area. Literature
fans will love the town of Wigtown which holds its annual Book Festival and has a wide
range of independent bookshops. It is also a good place to wander some interesting shops.
Visit Dumfries and Galloway in January to enjoy the Big Burns Supper celebrations, or catch
one of the other cultural or music festivals held in the region. Perhaps you would like to visit
one of the stunning castles in the area?

Getting Outdoors

Lovers of the great outdoors, and a physical challenge, will enjoy the mountain biking
courses at the Galloway forest park. Active types can also get involve in wild swimming, golf,
windsurfing, yachting and plenty more pastimes.
For a slower pace, you can have beautiful walks and find peace and seclusion at Kilsture
Forest, Galloway Forest Park, St Ninian’s Cave, Rigg Bay, and Garlieston. There are many
beautiful and secluded beaches in the area. Our favourite is the small but perfectly
formed Monreith. Portpatrick also has a beautiful coastal walk.  The dark sky park (only the
second in Europe) is the perfect place for some stargazing.

Dumfies and Galloway really is a beautiful and interesting place. With so much to see and do
but with the luxury of such peace, we return to it again and again. We hope that you enjoy it

Melanie Varey

Best Things to do in Cambridge

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