Portugal | Visiting Lisbon? Take a Sintra Day Trip

Pena Palace and Park - a must visit during a Sintra day trip

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and millions of people visit each year. If you’re one of them, you’d be crazy not to take a Sintra day trip. Here, I explain why you need to visit.

In Lisbon, you can visit many museums, walk in the street markets, eat seafood and admire the world’s biggest art nouveau monument. The city offers plenty to visitors. But Sintra is just a train ride away and it’s definitely worth a visit. It’s almost a magical land and it is well known for the Palácio da Pena, a fairy tale-like building that was constructed in the 19th century by King Ferdinand II.

Taking a Sintra day trip

Sintra is an hour away from Lisbon. It is a perfect day trip for people who are looking to explore the city, whilst also experiencing Portugal’s natural landscapes.

There’s a list of things to do in Sintra, but if you are there for one day, then here’s my list of activities that you should not miss out on.

  1. Explore Pena Palace
  2. Visit the National Palace of Sintra
  3. Have lunch at Quinta de Regaleira
  4. Walk around downtown Sintra
  5. Eat, drink and take in your surroundings

Visiting Pena Palace and Park

If you’re going on a Sintra day trip, then a visit to Pena Palace and Park is almost none negotiable.

You have to explore the beauty of this place! Pena Palace and Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is often considered as one of the most beautiful parks in the world.

Built during the 19th century, Pena Palace is on the site of an old monastery. British architect Edward Hargreaves designed the palace. He adapted Queen Marie Amelie’s neoclassical ideas into a romantic Medieval revival style. Portuguese architect Carlos Mardel later extended the palace.

The park has a Moorish-style garden with plants, lakes, fountains, waterfalls, exotic birds and peacocks roaming freely around the grounds. One of its most beautiful features are its cascades that drop from a height of 40 metres into natural pools below.

Getting there

If you’re based in Lisbon, then taking a Sintra day trip is really easy. You can drive there, catch a train, or jump on a bus.

Trains from Lisbon leave from Rossio Station, which is in the centre of the city. They tend to leave around every half an hour. The journey can take up to an hour, depending on the service you catch. Some stop at a lot of different stations, whilst others are more direct. Train tickets are very cheap and you shouldn’t have to pay more than a couple of euros. Just keep in mind that the route can be busy during the height of summer.

Driving, or going by bus, will take around 45 minutes. However, as the train is so cheap and easy, I would recommend that you went via rail.

You have to go!

Lisbon is an amazing city and there’s plenty to see, do and explore. However, Sintra has an amazing natural environment and lovely architecture. With it being so close to Lisbon, it is well worth the visit!

If you get any chance to go on a Sintra day trip during your Lisbon trip, please do. You will get to see a whole different side of this amazing country!

Long Road Trip Tips

woman riding on black vehicle

If your journey takes you somewhere that means a long road trip, or perhaps your journey IS a long road trip, then you may be looking for some advice on how to cope with the long journey. Here are our long road trip tips and tricks!

person s hand reflecting on car wing mirror
Photo by Anfisa Eremina on Pexels.com

Tips for Long Road Trips

When you’re heading out on a long road journey, it can sometimes feel overwhelming when you first put the trip into a sat nav and the hours/days pop up. With so much road ahead, it can be handy to have an action plan in place to help cope through the long hours of driving, and that’s where our long road trip tips come in to play! Check them out.

Plan out rest breaks before you leave!

If you know the route you’re taking, you can play out the places to stop in advance. Think about points of interest, tourist locations, restaurants or cafes along the way, and make even more of an adventure out of your road trip! Not only will this break up the long drives, it will also add another layer of fun and action to the trip!

Get plenty of sleep each night.

If you’ve got a long drive ahead of you, or you’re doing multiple days of driving, then sleep is absolutely vital to both the quality and the safety of your road trip! Tiredness can kill when it comes to driving, so please make sure to plan out enough time at home, or in a hotel to catch those all important zzz’s before you head back into your car.

Take it in turns.

If there’s multiple people in the car who can drive, it’s both fair and far safer to take it in turns to be the driver/passenger. Especially on those longer days of driving, where perhaps you don’t have as much chance to stop somewhere for sleep. One of you can rest/sleep while the other drives.

Make a playlist.

Before you head out on your road trip adventure, make sure to put together an epic playlist.

Putting a list of yours and your family/friends’ favourite songs that make you all feel amazing, is a sure way to add some joy to the journey. Pop on the playlist and have a little car party/singalong. Everyone loves a car karaoke, don’t they?!

Pack LOTS of snacks.

No one likes to be hungry, especially someone stuck in a car for hours. Make sure to pack a whole array of snacks for everyone in the car. Don’t just fill it out with sweets either. You’ll eventually get tired of sweets (or feel sick haha), and want something more substantial, so maybe some pasta, sandwiches, veggies and fruit as well as the obvious sweets, chocolate and crisps!

You’ll get SO many more miles when you come prepared food wise!

Hydration, hydration, hydration.

On a similar note to the snack section, it’s important you stay hydrated on long journeys (well always!).

Make sure you’ve had a good drink before you head out, but also pack plenty of water/juice/coffee/tea for the journey too! Flasks are a godsend! it’s so easy to fall into the trap of forgetting, and then ending up with a huge, and very badly timed headache! No one wants a road trip with a headache!

Find petrol stations on route.

When you know your route, it’s important to plan out where you may need to stop for fuel. No one, and I mean no one wants to run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere, in a place you don’t know at all! So make sure you know how much fuel you’ll have, and where you’ll be getting it from if you need it!


Whether it’s a book/audiobook or netflix streaming for you, or some toys and colouring if you have children, you want to come prepared for when that guaranteed boredom hits.

Even with the excitement of travel and a new journey, if it’s a long time in the car it will get to a point where boredom sets in and you need something to distract you from the time left on the clock. So make sure to pack some distractions.

Think of the ‘what ifs’.

While we obviously don’t want to live in fear, it’s wise to plan a few things in case we are unable to, for example, find a toilet! You could take along your kids’ potty, or you could invest in something like a she-wee, which will help women discreetly go in a bush, like men get the ease of!

You can also buy a camping toilet, which would be a godsend in a desperate, car situation!

Other great things to consider are whether you may need a first aid kit, the car recovery numbers or some super apps to help tell you where the nearest public loo or playground are!

So there are a few tips for your long road trip! Make sure to enjoy the sights along the way, especially if your entire experience is the road trip itself!! Remember to really drink in those moments. It can feel boring at the time, but you’ll look back on little snippets and it will feel wonderful!

Road tripping in a day from Rome?

5 Tips for Working out at Home or in a hotel.

Day Trips from Rome

colosseum rome italy

So you’re heading to Rome? If you’re looking for where else you can visit within a day from Rome, here is a list of some great Day Trips from Rome.

colosseum italy
Photo by Chait Goli on Pexels.com

Whether you book a day trip with an established company, or you decide to hire a car and road trip with a friend, there are numerous options available for amazing days out when you’re based in Rome. Check out our suggestions.

Pompei Ruins & Mount Vesuvius Day Trip

In this 13 hour day trip from Rome, you can enjoy a journey to the ruins of Pompei and Mount Vesuvius.

You get to hike up Mount Vesuvius, and experience the historic city in person!

The Isle of Capri

Another 13 hour journey to the delightfully blissful Capri.

You can enjoy deep, blue oceans and the gorgeous island, as well as a boat trip to reach the island to begin with!


Try out this amazing trip to Venice via high speed train from Rome.

Imagine being able to visit 2 iconic, Italian cities in one holiday?! The floating city is one of the most unique places I’ve ever experienced, as far as having zero roads once you’re on the island.

Enjoy a day slowly meandering through the many alleys. Get lost and find yourself.

Florence & Pisa

This 12 hour adventure to the stunningly iconic city of Florence, and also to the small village of Pisa will tick off 2 very high on the Italian bucket list to-do’s.

Florence is without a doubt the epitome of Italian city. Its stunning architecture speaks volumes, and I personally feel it’s even BETTER than Rome (oooooooo ahhhhh).

And then add on a visit to the famous leaning tower. What more of a quintessentially Italian adventure could you ask for?!

Tuscan Countryside Sightseeing Tour

Adventure for a richly spent 12 hours throughout the Italian countryside on this sightseeing tour of Tuscany.

Of course there are thousands more day trips you can take from Rome. It’s a great base as it’s pretty central within Italy. You can adventure near or far. Or could even hire a car and drive to some more remote and unique spots.

Wherever you choose there are some day trips from Rome for everyone.

If you’re travelling throughout Italy, make sure to check out some of the Best Beaches in Sicily.
If you need apps to help you plan your journey, check out our recommendations.