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If you’re considering travel abroad, but are concerned about the how-tos because you require oxygen, then read ahead for our tips on how to travel with oxygen.

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If you’re someone who requires extra oxygen, planning travel can feel completely overwhelming and worrying. Perhaps it’s so much of a worry that you completely avoid going for it? Hopefully if you read through some of advice on how to travel with oxygen, you’ll feel like you know a little more of what to do to plan ahead for your journey. That way you can get adventuring ASAP!

How to Travel with Oxygen

Check with your medical professionals.

Prior to booking anything, it’s crucial to check you’re fit to fly, and get a certificate that says so. Not only is this important for clarity and security for the airlines and accommodations you’ll be using, but most importantly you want to know you’re going to be safe when you head out on your adventure! It’s a win win to get checked out.

This is also extremely important in case they need to let you know about any adjustments to your care for your travel, and some airlines won’t provide oxygen in flight without a fit to fly certificate.

Order oxygen from the place you’re travelling in advance.

If your oxygen concentrator supplier is happy for you to travel with their supplies, make sure to take travel adaptors in case you need to plug in! Take back up batteries, chargers and extra bits and bobs that you may end up needing!

A lot of suppliers don’t love you taking their products out of the country. Obviously this means it’s extremely important to plan in advance enough to have a supply once you’re at your destination.Make sure to organise your oxygen supplier in the place you’re travelling to plenty in advance. Put this high up on your list in case they need time to organise this at their end.

Make contact with your airline of choice prior to travel.

Another really important thing to add to your list long before you leave, is making contact with your airline. You’ll need to let them know your requirements for in flight oxygen, and they may require you to have a certificate from your doctors to say you need the oxygen.

It’s wise to make sure everything is in place in advance, because altitude can have an affect on your need for extra oxygen. This is something you need to discuss with your doctor prior to flying too.

Some travel companies use different airlines than their own in package deals, so please please double check it’s the correct airline before you leave. You wouldn’t want to think you knew the airline’s policies on oxygen in flight, to get there and be met by an airline with a terrible policy and care!

Contact your accommodation prior to booking!

Before you go ahead and click ‘book’ on your dream accommodation, it’s worth messaging or calling to discuss your healthcare requirements, and to make them aware there will be oxygen supplies arriving, quite possibly before you do. It’s important they know, both so that they can okay it, but also so that they can make sure to allow the supplies to be ready for you when you arrive.

You don’t want to be dealing with a time period without oxygen if you need it.


It’s all well and good to read information on the internet, but if you’re ever in doubt with anything to do with travelling when you need extra oxygen, please get in touch with your medical professionals. It’s so important that they give you all of the information you need prior to booking or leaving the country. If you’re in any doubt about the airline… check check check. If you need to double and triple check oxygen supplies are okay with accommodations, transfers, day trip providers etc then don’t worry that you’re harassing them, it’s absolutely vital that your healthcare requirements are in place, and that you feel secure before you leave.

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Long Road Trip Tips

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If your journey takes you somewhere that means a long road trip, or perhaps your journey IS a long road trip, then you may be looking for some advice on how to cope with the long journey. Here are our long road trip tips and tricks!

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Tips for Long Road Trips

When you’re heading out on a long road journey, it can sometimes feel overwhelming when you first put the trip into a sat nav and the hours/days pop up. With so much road ahead, it can be handy to have an action plan in place to help cope through the long hours of driving, and that’s where our long road trip tips come in to play! Check them out.

Plan out rest breaks before you leave!

If you know the route you’re taking, you can play out the places to stop in advance. Think about points of interest, tourist locations, restaurants or cafes along the way, and make even more of an adventure out of your road trip! Not only will this break up the long drives, it will also add another layer of fun and action to the trip!

Get plenty of sleep each night.

If you’ve got a long drive ahead of you, or you’re doing multiple days of driving, then sleep is absolutely vital to both the quality and the safety of your road trip! Tiredness can kill when it comes to driving, so please make sure to plan out enough time at home, or in a hotel to catch those all important zzz’s before you head back into your car.

Take it in turns.

If there’s multiple people in the car who can drive, it’s both fair and far safer to take it in turns to be the driver/passenger. Especially on those longer days of driving, where perhaps you don’t have as much chance to stop somewhere for sleep. One of you can rest/sleep while the other drives.

Make a playlist.

Before you head out on your road trip adventure, make sure to put together an epic playlist.

Putting a list of yours and your family/friends’ favourite songs that make you all feel amazing, is a sure way to add some joy to the journey. Pop on the playlist and have a little car party/singalong. Everyone loves a car karaoke, don’t they?!

Pack LOTS of snacks.

No one likes to be hungry, especially someone stuck in a car for hours. Make sure to pack a whole array of snacks for everyone in the car. Don’t just fill it out with sweets either. You’ll eventually get tired of sweets (or feel sick haha), and want something more substantial, so maybe some pasta, sandwiches, veggies and fruit as well as the obvious sweets, chocolate and crisps!

You’ll get SO many more miles when you come prepared food wise!

Hydration, hydration, hydration.

On a similar note to the snack section, it’s important you stay hydrated on long journeys (well always!).

Make sure you’ve had a good drink before you head out, but also pack plenty of water/juice/coffee/tea for the journey too! Flasks are a godsend! it’s so easy to fall into the trap of forgetting, and then ending up with a huge, and very badly timed headache! No one wants a road trip with a headache!

Find petrol stations on route.

When you know your route, it’s important to plan out where you may need to stop for fuel. No one, and I mean no one wants to run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere, in a place you don’t know at all! So make sure you know how much fuel you’ll have, and where you’ll be getting it from if you need it!


Whether it’s a book/audiobook or netflix streaming for you, or some toys and colouring if you have children, you want to come prepared for when that guaranteed boredom hits.

Even with the excitement of travel and a new journey, if it’s a long time in the car it will get to a point where boredom sets in and you need something to distract you from the time left on the clock. So make sure to pack some distractions.

Think of the ‘what ifs’.

While we obviously don’t want to live in fear, it’s wise to plan a few things in case we are unable to, for example, find a toilet! You could take along your kids’ potty, or you could invest in something like a she-wee, which will help women discreetly go in a bush, like men get the ease of!

You can also buy a camping toilet, which would be a godsend in a desperate, car situation!

Other great things to consider are whether you may need a first aid kit, the car recovery numbers or some super apps to help tell you where the nearest public loo or playground are!

So there are a few tips for your long road trip! Make sure to enjoy the sights along the way, especially if your entire experience is the road trip itself!! Remember to really drink in those moments. It can feel boring at the time, but you’ll look back on little snippets and it will feel wonderful!

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Autumn Travel Destinations

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If you love nature in all its Autumn splendour, then you may want to consider booking a journey to somewhere renowned for those Autumnal bursts of colour. Here we’ve put together a list of some fantastic, Autumn travel destinations.

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Amazing Autumn Travel Destinations

Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is a small town in Austria, known for its salt production. It’s lesser mentioned when it comes to potential travel destinations, but this small village packs a big and breathtaking punch.

A perfect and magical location to visit at any time of year, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is like a dream. And during Autumn it has that extra level of added wow in the form of a sprinkle of Autumnal colour.

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto in Japan is an absolutely stunning location to visit, regardless of the time of year. However, with that being said there are two VERY popular times of year to visit. Spring and, you guessed it, Autumn!

It’s not hard to see why, just a quick google search of ‘Kyoto in Autumn’ will fetch the most glorious, Autumnal displays of natural colour you’ve ever seen. Imagine actually travelling there during the season?!

With mountain forests, temples, shrines and everything in between, you are spoiled for the most intense and beautiful, Autumn scenes when you head to Kyoto!

Also worth a mention is Kyoto during Spring blossom season!

Ontario, Canada

Ontario is a province in central Canada, and it will spoil you for choices of incredible, Autumn locations.

With multiple parks, forests, lakes and more, and renowned for its natural diversity, you’re not going to struggle to hunt down a backdrop for your Autumn travel dreams!

Paris, France

Maybe not one of the first locations that come to mind when you think of travelling for Autumn. However, the gorgeous and always elegant Paris, in France is one of my all time favourite places I’ve visited during Autumn.

It’s so easy to ‘fall’ in love with France (pardon the pun!).

Of course, the natural spaces, such as Jardin du Luxembourg are outstandingly Autumnal, and that goes without saying. But I actually find that the simplicity of the Autumnal trees that line the city’s streets, and make the white buildings glow, along with the way the sunlight hits… It just all hits different in Paris in Autumn.

The light! If you know you know. And if you don’t know, then you absolutely need to.

Edinburgh, Scotland

This magical, Harry Potter-esque city in Scotland, is a perfect location to find your Autumn hit.

With the gothic stone buildings, set amongst the richly green and golden foliage, quaint little cafes and restaurants and book shops, what more could you need?

If Edinburgh doesn’t work for you, perhaps you could try another UK city, like London, or Birmingham.

Vermont, USA

Vermont is renowned for its mostly forested landscape, which should give you an idea of how this has made it onto the list of amazing places to travel to in Autumn.

Awash with Autumnal hues, cute barns, farms at harvest and that golden sunlight, it really is the epitome of Autumn.

This is the location you’ll catch in a lot of movies where Autumn in on full display. It’s an absolute treat!

Tuscany, Italy

The delectable, Italian countryside region of Tuscany is just as delicious during Autumn as it is those hazy days of Summer.

When all of the vineyards turn from rich and green, to warm and golde, you really see Autumn come to life before your eyes.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park is a forest reserve in Croatia. It’s well known for it’s glorious, turquoise waters and waterfalls, but it’s lesser discussed when it comes to Autumn locations.

When it comes to Autumn time at Plitvice, it’s a feast for the eyes. An Autumn spectacular. The richly coloured trees surround the lakes, and it’s completely splendid.

So there are just a few of the many, many locations that are perfect for your autumn travel needs! There’s nothing we love more than Autumn in all its glory. Just remember to check if you need an umbrella! We hope these will feed your Autumn love as much as they did ours.

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6 Safety Tips for Travelling

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Travelling can be the most amazing experience of your life, but it’s definitely worth keeping your safety in mind. Read this great bunch of safety tips for travelling, by guest blogger Ruth of Ruthiee Loves Glamour.

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Travelling is amazing and so many people love travelling! I turned 19 last month and my travel list keeps piling as I grow older! Today, I’ll be sharing 5 safety tips to use when travelling! Believe me, travelling is exciting and can bring along a rollercoaster ride of emotions!It can be so easy to get caught up in all the excitement, sightseeing, etc that we forget to put safety first. I love my safety and I always put my safety first in whatever I do. To me, safety first is an essential part of self love and you should put safety first in whatever you do! Below are 6 safety tips to use when travelling!

6 Safety Tips To Use When Travelling

Do proper research

I can’t stress how important it is to do some research before travelling. This is common sense lol but so many people tend to skip this step and that’s not right. I know of someone who travelled to a place without doing a proper research and on the day he got there, they were having one of their rituals, where everyone had to stay indoor, (it was basically like a curfew) and anyone found outside was killed but he wasn’t aware of that. He got there and ended up getting killed.

Now this could have been prevented if he did some research before embarking on his journey. So many people have fallen prey to these kind of circumstances because they didn’t carry out a proper research. If you are travelling to a place, do some research. If you know someone that stays in the place you are travelling to, hit them up and try to find out a thing or two before travelling! Get to know as much as possible about your destination before traveling. Read travelers review, check for the safest places in your travel destination. Get as much information as possible.

Blend in with the Locals

Oh! This is yet another important one. You see, being in a new place leaves you with lots of dangers. The honest truth is, the more touristy and lost you look, the more chances there are for you to make a mistake, get scammed, etc. Whenever you are in a new place, try as much as possible to blend in with the locals. Most locals are really nice and wouldn’t find it difficult to give you information that might be of use to you.

Blend in with the locals, ask them for the prices of things, dangerous places in the neighborhood that you should not be visiting and just to be on a safer side, try to get these information from more than one person. Getting these information from more than one person will help you make sure you are on the right track. Also, it will prevent you from being scammed. There are sketchy people everywhere and even tourists get scammed!

Make sure you store emergency information

This is one safety tip you should never forget when travelling! We never wish for bad things but bad things happen. Making sure you have emergency info saves you the stress of trying to google and look for emergency information at the dying minute. In the face of an emergency, trust me, you might be too frightened and horrified to think straight.

So it’s best to store emergency information beforehand. Store emergency information in as many places as possible. You can store emergency information on your phone, a note, etc. So, if your phone gets lost in the process, you have a backup, you still have the emergency info somewhere else and all hope is not lost and if your note gets lost, you have a backup as well.

Keep your loved ones updated

It is very important to keep your loved ones, (family and friends) updated about your whereabouts. No matter how close my destination is, I always let my family and friends know where I am headed. When travelling, always keep your loved ones updated and check in with them as often as possible. Let them know of any change in plans, location and all that so they know exactly where you are at a particular time. Also, let them know how long you’ll be spending so that they take necessary actions if you don’t return by the stipulated time.

Carry a first aid kit

Like I said before, we do not pray for bad things to happen but sometimes they do and it’s always best to be prepare in advance. Injuries happen and sometimes injuries do not have anything to do with how careful you are. I’ve seen the most careful people get hurt while travelling so it’s quite advisable to carry a first aid kit with you just incase something happens – you get injured or for if you get a headache, body pain, etc. I would normally take some basic items with me like pain reliefs, sunscreen, glucose, cotton wools and the likes. Carry a functional first aid kit with you and make sure you have it with you at all times!

Always be on guard

Last but not the least, is to be as vigilant as possible! Remember, this is not the time to party away and let all your guard down! Always be on the watch! Keep an eye on your surroundings and make sure to leave immediately if you start to see some suspicious activities.

The above are 6 safety tips to use when travelling. It should always be safety first! What safety tips do you use when travelling? Let me know!

About the Blogger

Ruth is a student blogger over at who loves to inspire people to be the best version of themselves. She runs a blog about personal development, self-care, self-love, positivity, personal growth, a little bit of food, skincare and all things lifestyle. Ruthiee loves Glamour is a space for everyone to learn, develop themselves, interact and navigate their way through life. If you are looking for a place where you can be yourself, find tips on how to improve yourself, Ruthiee loves Glamour is the right place for you.

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How To | Travel on a Budget as a Couple

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When traveling as a couple, it would be great to have endless money to spend. Imagine spending 2 days in Venice in absolutely luxury? But if you want to travel on a budget, it’s smart to utilise a set of options and strategies that can really stretch how far your money will go.

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Try making the most of your travel on a budget by applying these simple options and strategies:

Choose a few travel destinations you both like.

Look into the costs of each destination and try to determine which one offers the overall least expensive holiday package. Including the cost of things like food and drink once there, as this can be a killer!

Once you agree on some main destinations, investigate them thoroughly on the internet. Make sure to look for package deals and make some comparisons. Which place offers the best pricing for what you want? And perhaps it would be cheaper to not book a package deal?! INVESTIGATE INVESTIGATE INVESTIGATE.

Travel during low-peak/off season!

Take into account that visiting a tourist hot spot when it’s not the tourist season will often save you a HUGE amount of money.

Most accommodations and tourist attractions cost a lot less when you go during the off-season. Depending on the location too, even travel to your destination is less expensive during off peak, when the demand is far less, and places are less busy. They’re far more likely to be needing to fill the rooms and spaces, so happier to drop costs. For example, in the winter, flight tickets around Europe are about half the cost of in Summer – by hundreds/thousands per ticket, depending on where you’re travelling from!

I recommended the EasyJet App in my favourite travel app post for this very reason. The European flights they offer for less than local train fares at times, are just amazing!

For a lot of the summer tourist locations, the date they switch to off-peak rates is in early September when the kids go back to school. Taking a trip with your partner the week after the kids go back to school will save you money and the weather is still likely to be glorious. Plus, you won’t have to fight the crowds.

Save before the trip

An important part of planning a trip is putting aside the money you’ll need in advance, before you go, to pay for the trip and any costs while you’re there. A way to boost those savings and make it as fun (as saving can be), is for you both to formulate a plan of how you’re going to save, and individually set yourself a plan of how much you could save. The make it fun!.Have a contest to see who can save more!

Cut out those expensive, take away coffees, take-aways, and other less-necessary spends that happen so easily and mindlessly, and you’ll have boosted your savings ready for you to travel on a budget when you go!

Book a hotel that offers free breakfast.

This is always a GREAT way to save a chunk on your holiday, and also let’s remember that nothing will start off a day of exploration on holiday like a full breakfast that’s already been paid in advance for. Many hotels offer continental breakfasts to seduce travelers into booking. And of course we all love the UK BNB (Bed and Breakfast) where you get a full English breakfast with your booking. While you’re at it, grab some of those included breakfast bits and bobs to take with you for the rest of the day, and make a big saving on snacks or lunch too!

Split dinners.

What?! Share food?!

By sharing meals it can allow you to take into consideration dining offers and your budget. If you both like the same foods anyway, you’ll be able to share a couple of dishes that you’re struggling between instead of paying out for perhaps double the amount in an attempt to ‘try all of the food’. You don’t always both need a full serving of everything to yourself, when you could share and pay half.

Being meal savvy can really save a lot if you’re wanting to experience the local cuisine of wherever you’re travelling to.

Take re-usable water bottles/cups.

It can be easy to forget your reusable containers when you head out on a holiday, but actually they’re certainly just as useful (if not more) abroad/on holiday as they are at home.

You wont get stung by the inflated costs of purchasing drinks in tourist locations, and it will also do you the bonus of keeping your as hydrated as you need, which I think often gets forgotten on holiday too.

Many countries have free water fountains dotted around for you refill or take a sip at!

As a couple, you hopefully have many wonderful adventures ahead of you together. Money-saving strategies such as visiting in off peak times, staying in accommodations that offer breakfast included, sharing dinners and treats, and filling your own water bottles will reduce your travel expenses significantly.

Put these budget-friendly tips to work when planning your next travel on a budget with your partner!

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How To | Saving for a Holiday

person putting coin in a piggy bank

We all dream of glorious adventures far far away, and often we want it as big and beautiful as we can get. But often our finances don’t stretch to the size of our vision, do they? Perhaps our tips on saving for a holiday can help a little.

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It’s no secret that the costs of planning either a small trip or your dream vacation can be phenomenal. Often it can feel overwhelming to even consider saving for a holiday you’re desperate to embark on.

Well it may be slow going, but I’m hoping some of our tips will help you with saving for a holiday! Whether it’s a big or small one!

Don’t book too far out of the realms of reality!

I know it may sound like a little bit of a party pooper bit of advice. But keeping within the limits of what you can realistically save for will set the foundations of you achieving your holiday!

It’s a really great feeling to book something (and achieve paying for it) that’s a little bit of a stretch. But what we don’t want to do is make it completely unachievable, or end up in debt to achieve our travel dreams!

Choose an account/location to keep those savings…

And if you’re unable to take them back out without it being a battle, then even better!

It’s so tempting with instant, internet banking these days to take our money back out of savings as soon as we put it in. But by putting out savings into a specific location that we can name ‘holiday savings’ or that we can put some sort of lock on to preventing us withdrawing it back out too easily, it mentally tells us that when we are moving our money over, it’s for that special trip.

Piggy banks that need smashing to open are a GREAT way to save for a holiday, because it’s a big deterrent that you can’t get it back out!

Every little helps…

Sorry to quote that supermarket giant, but it really is the truth. Popping away every tiny penny and pound will add up to a lot over time. This could be through cashback apps, matched betting, blogging or selling your used belongings.

Cutting down on everyday spending…

Look at your outgoings. What are you spending on, and is it all strictly necessity? Is there anywhere you’re being frivolous, where you could trade that spend to put towards your dream trip?

Checking our regular outgoings for everyday life is a big one too. Things such as utilities could be costing us more than it needs to, and all of those bills and savings could add up to a lot for our dream holiday.

Other things like take-aways, alcohol, streaming services etc… Can you cut any of that down?

Rewards Systems

Many companies offer rewards for booking with them. From offering bigger discounts to regular bookers, to airlines offering frequent flyer miles. There are rewards from so many different places that could help to fund your trip.

These even include your bank and credit card companies, so make sure to investigate.

Research, Research, Research.

This may go without saying, but making sure you’re getting the best deal will save you the biggest amount of money of all. Instead of package booking, perhaps investigate each part of your journey as a separate booking.

Hopefully you can gradually save for your journey. Booking in advance and paying in installments can help, but it can sometimes add a lot of pressure. I truly advise that you never put yourself into any form of debt in order to travel. You’ll enjoy your journey far more without that added worry.

Don’t feel embarrassed putting pennies into an account. They WILL gradually add up to pounds. Nothing is too small.

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The Best Travel Apps

iphone smartphone internet technology

Whether you’re looking for ways to book accommodation or how to find the nearest, public toilet, it can be handy to have a list of the best travel apps! Here are our must-haves!

person holding space gray iphone x
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For accommodation, we absolutely LOVE

The more you book, the better deals you get. And I also think they seem to have some ridiculously affordable accommodation in locations that would otherwise cost a fortune! We got an epically cheap stay in Rome once, right next to the Vatican.


Another win for both unique and affordable accommodation is AirBnB.

AirBnB can be the most amazing resource for families with more than 2 children, as they often have larger accommodation options, and full homes.


For ridiculously cheap flights around Europe, EasyJet is the one!

I’m talking, less than a road trip’s worth of petrol cost. SO cheap sometimes! You definitely have to dig to find the deals at times, but if you have a look around when the sale is on, you can grab an absolute bargain!

Sky Scanner

Another in the world of cheap flight hunting, but this time world wide. Sky Scanner doesn’t just offer cheap flights, it will also show you the alternative dates that could save you even more!

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is a great resource for information about every part of your trip.

From reviews from people who have used services, done days out, tried hotels etc, there’s honest feedback and recommendations for things to do and places to go. Also services to trust!

Google Maps

A simple but genius app! It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, google maps has your back! If you need to check days out, or distances to places. If you need to see how close a potential accommodation in to the airport. Whatever you need, google maps has it!


Here is a GENIUS app. Flush – Toilet Finder and Map.

If you have kids, you’ll definitely appreciate this app while you’re travelling the world! It will show you the closes, public toilets wherever in the world you are! GENIUS!!

Playground Buddy

Also helpful if you’re travelling with little ones, Playground Buddy is a fantastic app for finding a playground wherever in the world you are!

This can be so, SO handy after your kids have been travelling long days and need to let loose a little.


A handy app for finding places to eat whilst you’re travelling. Yelp allows you to search by location and also type of cuisine.

Google Translate

Another of the genius, Google ideas… Google translate can help you if you’re a little stuck whilst in a foreign country where you don’t completely understand the language.

There’s a small selection of the apps available to help you plan and navigate your travel more easily. Don’t forget to utilise entertainment streaming service apps like Netflix to keep you occupied on long journeys.

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